Monthly Archives: August 2010

Health Screens!

Yesterday & today we have been focused on getting more of our primates health screened. Funding this month has¬†allowed for 10 primates to be checked. Yesterday, four of the aviary macaques went through the process and are in good health! Today, it’s the orangutan’s and the long tailed macaques turn. All of our heck’s macaques, […]

Volunteer with us!

Tasikoki Volunteers! We appreciate all your hard work and effort. We know we will see you back here one day.

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You can now donate to the Tasikoki Facebook cause: Thank you for all your help & please visit our Facebook fan page. Tasikoki Wildlife

Cleaning up the World’s Mess, One Shovel at a Time

Cleaning up the World’s Mess,¬†One Shovel at a Time by Caitlin Goos If you’d asked me a couple of months ago I would have said “you couldn’t pay me enough to shovel bear poop”, so today I am wondering why I paid to scoop up a poo-trifecta of bear, monkey and bird droppings!! “Volunteering” here […]

Moving in the right direction

Over the last two weeks here at Tasikoki there has been lots of good things happening for the animals. The two main projects being: a better enclosure for the crocodiles & the release of the brahminy kites Crocodiles Two of the Tasikoki crocodiles have been living in small, concrete pens for a few year now. […]