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Progress Update: brahminy kite release

The final steps for the release of the brahminy kites are underway. The blood samples have been taken to a lab in Java where they are receiving the full screen for the releases. Soon our kites will be flying free!The final steps for the release of the brahminy kites are underway. The blood samples have been taken to a lab in Java where they are receiving the full screen for the releases. Soon our kites will be flying free!

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Health Screens!


Yesterday & today we have been focused on getting more of our primates health screened. Funding this month has allowed for 10 primates to be checked. Yesterday, four of the aviary macaques went through the process and are in good health! Today, it’s the orangutan’s and the long tailed macaques turn. All of our heck’s macaques, three long tails and all of the Celebes crested macaques have already undergone there first checks a few months back. So we have  15 more primates awaiting there first health screens.

If you would like to sponsor a health screen you can donate through the The health screen of 1 animal is $100 USD, for the blood tests. All of the individuals need there first or second screening, so you can specify who you would like to see checked.


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Moving in the right direction

Over the last two weeks here at Tasikoki there has been lots of good things happening for the animals. The two main projects being: a better enclosure for the crocodiles & the release of the brahminy kites

Two of the Tasikoki crocodiles have been living in small, concrete pens for a few year now. The group Enrich, a team of Australian volunteers, helped us initiated the refortification of the pre-existing crocodile enclosure, which was severely overrun and dilapidated. On Sunday of this week the enclosure was completed on account of the hard work and collaboration between Enrich groups, Tasikoki volunteers & staff. The enclosure was finished at 12:00 noon and by 3:00pm Bu, the crocodile was the first to be let out into this new enclosure. She now has a little under 1 square hectare of mangrove swamp to move about freely. Tasikoki staff has decided to give her a week to acclimatize to her new environment before the introduction of Aya, the second crocodile awaiting movement.

Brahminy Kites
Tasikoki has two brahminy kites whose release has been in the works for a few months. Their rehabilitation cage was constructed in the fall and this week there has been the final arrangements made to move the kites to there rehabilitation aviary. We have had a raptor expert on site this week from Java, Gunawan from of Suaka Elang Gunawan has been helping us decided upon methods and procedures for this process. The kites have shown the ability to hunt live fish from a large bucket within their current enclosure. Which shows promise regarding their eventual release. As soon as we get a response regarding where we can test the bloods for birds in Sulawesi, we will finish the health screens on these two individuals and move them down the beach (rehabilitation aviary).

How can help further these projects or upcoming projects regarding birds & reptiles?

-Fund the Health screens for the kites. $100 USD / bird
-Donate money for health screening the rest of our 151 birds. Each bird health screen cost $100 USD
-Volunteer and help us upgrade existing enclosures and increase animal welfare standard on site. Volunteer Fee: 2 weeks / $770 USD . 1 month/ $995 USD
-Volunteer to do research & observation on the kites once they are in the rehabilitation aviary or post release monitoring. Inquire for dates & fees associated.
-Donate money for the construction of a terrapin enclosure in the mangrove swamp. Inquire for costs.
-Donate money for the construction of large, speciated bird aviaries.
Inquire for costs.
-Help us fundraise through this cause or other means at home
-Adopt an animal

For all inquires please contact us at:
[email protected]