Get Involved

Be a cyber Volunteer

You can simply engage in e-volunteering with Orangutan Outreach by participating in the following activities online:

  • Follow Tasikoki on Facebook, tweet and repost our messages and links
  • Recruit members to our Facebook cause and encourage them to donate
  • Research daily news articles about orangutans and post links on our Facebook fan page
  • Post links to Willie’s Smits’ TED talk or other online videos
  • Nominate and vote for for any online actions that offer benefits for 501-3c non-profit organisations

Volunteer locally

  • Volunteer you skills at local organization
  • Use your specified skills to help Tasikoki, let us know your specialty.

Be Conscious

  • Be aware of the products you buy & where you shop
  • Research the Palm Oil Crisis
  • Check out
  • Support local business and products

Help us Fundraise

  • Adopt an animal
  • Create a fundraiser in your home town
  • Finance a new enclosure

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