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Wildlife Care Volunteer Program

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Duration 2 week minimum
6 days per week
Activities Feeding the animals, Maintaining the centre
Location Forested headland in North Sulawasi next to beach
Accommodation Shared rooms
Requirements Aged 18+, with a passion for animal welfare
Donation From UK£550 / US$770

Our volunteer scheme is open to anyone with passion for animal welfare and enthusiasm for wildlife.

Currently the centre cares for a wide variety of wildlife, including primates, birds, reptiles, leopard, sun bears, babirusa and more.

Volunteer duties involve a certain amount of cleaning enclosures and feeding, but mainly the tasks are focussed on enrichments and upgrading enclosures.  Volunteers are absolutely essential for maintaining the standards of animal welfare we aim to achieve. Volunteers will be split into different teams, working on rotation, depending upon the number of participants at the time.

Volunteer accommodationThe accommodation in the centre is of a high standard, set on a small peak overlooking the animals, fishing villages and beach. There are six bungalows which compose the volunteer block. Rooms are large but divided into male and female dorm s of no more than five people. All rooms have air-con and a western style en-suite bathroom.

There is also a large balcony in each room where volunteer’s can relax, watch the sunset or keep an eye out for passing Cassowary or Babirusa  in the enclosure below. The volunteer block also contains a communal area, kitchen, self-service laundry and common room as well as an observation tower. Indonesian meals are cooked Sun-Fri by a local Chef and offer vegetarian and vegan options. On Saturday the cook takes a well earned day off and the volunteers are free to cook up some western favourites.

Volunteer schedule

Volunteer work conservationVolunteers currently work a six day week. Daily working hours vary depending on the weather and the needs of the project however they are generally 8 hour working days.   Volunteers are expected to make an early start along with the animals and will work independently or with local staff in a variety of different tasks. Daily activities often include a rotation of the following:

•    Cleaning a variety of enclosures.
•    Refilling water containers.
•    Preparing and giving food to the animals.
•    Collecting local grasses, seeds or leaves for the animals.
•    Providing life enrichment to stimulate animals in the form of new challenges for food or novel items in the enclosure.
•    Maintaining and cleaning the centre.
•    Upgrading enclosures, maintenance of enclosures and special assignments

An example of typical working day:

Volunteer bears conservation6.30 – Fill water at the bear enclosure.
7.00 – Clean and fill water at the primate enclosure.
8.00 – Breakfast.
9.00 – Feeding at the primate enclosure.
10.00 – Special project time, cleaning and maintaining centre.
12.00 – Lunch.
13.00 – Cleaning primate enclosure.
14.00 – Feeding and watering at aviary / leopard / bear /primate enclosures.
16.00 – Finish work, time for a well earned shower and time on the beach!
19.00 – Dinner.

Please be aware that this is a dynamic project and this is just an example of a typical day, volunteer duties may change during their placement.
Due to the tropical climate the work can be tough however most afternoons a nice coastal breeze keeps the temperatures down. Direct contact with the animals is not allowed for the safety of you and the animals, however, volunteers will see their hard work rewarded as animals delight in being transferred to larger enclosures or simply in passing the Orangutans out on their daily walks!

Required Donation

The required donation to the project is stated in UK £pounds and US $dollars.

2 weeks will be £550 $770
3 weeks will be £675 $895
4 weeks will be £725 $995
5 weeks will be £825 $1150
6 weeks will be £925 $ 1275
7 weeks will be £970 $1335
8 weeks will be £995 $1495

*8 weeks is currently the maximum stay permitted with the Indonesian tourist visa.

*If you wish to stay longer, you will need to apply for a Social Visit Visa

Application Process & Requirements

Volunteer wildlife asiaThe minimum age for volunteering is 18 years old. No previous experience or qualifications are necessary but we do require volunteers to be respectful and open minded to the cultural differences they will encounter in Indonesia. Volunteers must be reasonably fit as the work can be demanding in the tropical heat. You must be able to speak English. Volunteers must have a similar ideology to the mission of the project, wildlife trainers and those who exploit wildlife for the benefit of people are not suitable for this project.

Volunteer orangutans asia

Your donation includes –

•    Accommodation for the duration of your stay.
•    Free airport pickup from Manado.
•    Three meals a day.
•    Full pre-arrival and in country support.
•    Self-service laundry.
•    Assistance and advice for onward travel.
•    An unforgettable experience!

Your donation does not include flights, visas, or insurance although we can provide information as required.

Where your money goes?
Your volunteer donation will be used in accordance with charitable objectives. Volunteer donations will be instrumental in saving this project from closure. Tasikoki will use received funds to cover the running costs of the centre. The main concern is of course providing for the animals and volunteer donations will provide food, keeper’s salaries and veterinary expenses. If urgently needed additional funding is made available to the centre, efforts will be made to upgrade inadequate enclosures which will improve the standard of life for the animals.

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